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Image by Anthony Garand

“The power under the Constitution will always be in the people."

-George Washington


Arizona is a rich and diverse state with many complex and serious issues.  These include but are not limited to the following: Job growth,  parental choice in education, reducing inflation & taxation, water conservation, forestry, natural resources, Native American lands, federal lands, agriculture, mining, infrastructure, and affordable housing.  Having canvassed the state and speaking with voters across my district the following items below are just some of the top concerns you have been asking our legislators to address immediately and to prioritize:

Border Security & Public Safety

Living in a border state, Arizonans know firsthand the dangers of a porous border and the tragic consequences to public safety cannot be ignored. We experience the violence of cartels, drug, and human trafficking, sexual assaults, radical terrorists, and the flow of lethal drugs right into our own backyards. Allowing or encouraging illegal immigration is inhumane and shows zero compassion for the victims of its consequences. Public safety is a non-partisan issue, and there are many state solutions that have not been tried or prioritized!  A few obvious solutions include: building the wall where we can, enhanced technology, no-trespassing zones, enforcing existing laws, and eliminating the magnets that encourage illegal immigration.  I am committed to helping our ranchers, sheriffs, and border agents get the help they need! We must put the needs of Arizona’s citizens first!

Election Integrity

Real election integrity is the very foundation of our American Constitutional Republic and is another non-partisan issue. We have a right to know that each and every vote was counted, accurately!  I lobbied for many election integrity policies that did not make it through the legislature, mostly due to Republican opposition. I have the political courage to bring about reforms to clean up our voting lists, require precinct voting, proper chains of custody, among many other reforms.  I will fight to restore the public trust in our sacred right of free and fair elections.

Medical Freedom & No Mandates

Since I hold two science degrees in both nursing and clinical psychology with other advanced certifications, nothing inflames the activist in me more than when government bureaucracies play politics with our health, and our lives, and try to destroy our civil liberties in the name of pseudoscience.  Under my watch, we can work to stop medical tyranny and mandates!  We can take back our healthcare institutions from the federal control and disastrous overreach that has resulted in draconian policies. 

Sanctity of Life

I am 100% pro-life. I believe that LIFE was the first God-given right listed by our founding fathers for a reason, for without it, what value does any of the rest of the rights hold?  While the millions of lives lost to abortion can never be recovered, it is the duty of our government to protect this life as a right guaranteed under the Constitution. Every human life matters.  Championing LIFE has been a guiding force behind my political activism for the last 40 years.  My father, Dr. Dean A. Rowley, was a renowned Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Mesa, who delivered thousands of healthy babies.  As one who followed him into healthcare, I will never forget one of his many sayings…. "when a pregnant woman came through my door, I instantly  had TWO patients-not ONE. I knew I was caring for both the mother and a child!"  

Protecting Gun Rights

Arizona will remain the #1 pro-2A state in the union.  The Second Amendment guarantees Americans the fundamental right “to keep and bear arms”.  The Supreme Court has, so far, correctly interpreted this guarantee as an individual right as opposed to a collective right enjoyed only by colonial militias. Gun control laws only restrict access to responsible gun ownership and threaten the rights of law-abiding citizens, while criminals continue to ignore the law.  These efforts ultimately hurt minorities, the vulnerable, and those living in high-crime areas the most.  Your rights will not be infringed as I will always defend the rights of Arizonans to keep and bear arms and reject red-flag laws as well.

Limited Government & Fiscal Responsibility

Government has reached leviathan proportions.  We must tackle what Reagan taught as the four deadly sins of government overreach:  waste, fraud, greed, and corruption, and... let me add, redundancies. Excessive spending, debt, and taxation is a form of bondage and the antithesis to liberty.  As your legislator I will prioritize all legislation that restores the principles of limited government, advances free markets, and disciplined tax policy. I will oppose those failed policies that create crony carve-outs for special interest groups.  It is time for real regulatory reform to reduce the burden upon the hardworking tax paying citizens of Arizona to make our state free, fair, and affordable for all!

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