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    I love ARIZONA! 

My husband and I have worked and served in this very district for decades.  Having grown up in Mesa, there is not a street or trail that I have not walked, hiked, biked, or crossed on horseback.  But I have seen some changes in Mesa and in Arizona that I believe show government leaders have led us off the path... 
That is why I am running, I want to help work with you to guide our state back on the right track to being affordable, free, and safe! 

In this election, we have opportunities for change and new voices at the legislature. I have the skills to think outside the box and create new solutions for long-term problems.  In fact, great pieces of legislation are not passed because we have failed to unite behind our core principles.          I believe Arizona can do better!

I’m a Christian, a wife, a mother, a health provider, a teacher, and a grassroots volunteer, and I want to be your voice in the legislature


Alexander Hamilton once said, “A sacred respect for the Constitutional Law is the vital principle, the sustaining energy of a free government.” 

God willing, and with your help, I will restore that respect as your representative in the Arizona State House.

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