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Arizona State House

Legislative District 10

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Meet Barbara

   My political journey began in 1978 when, as a U.S. foreign exchange student, I survived the Iranian Revolution and witnessed how tyranny destroys a nation. As a proud Arizona native, I’m running to protect the American principles we value and to save Arizona & our Republic from failing policies. I’ve been married for 40 years, and my husband and I have raised our four children in Mesa. I hold degrees in Nursing and Clinical Psychology with certifications in Cardiovascular and Emergency Room Medicine. Therefore, I’ll stop government bureaucracies from playing politics with our health, our lives, and our civil liberties in the name of pseudoscience. I’m honored to be endorsed by State Senator Warren Petersen, Cindy Biggs (wife of Congressman Andy Biggs), Councilmember Leah Martineau, Commissioner Justin Olson, and many other grassroots leaders. We must have courage & leadership at the Capitol by those who bring experience serving the people and who are grounded in the principles that work. Your priorities are my priorities:

  • Pro Life, Family, Freedom!

  • Lowering taxes

  • Ensuring school choice

  • Smaller Government

  • Securing the border

  • Upholding the Constitution

  • Common Sense Solutions

I'd be honored to serve you and earn your vote as we work together for Arizona!

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Meet the LD10 Team

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Justin Heap - House

  • Constitutional Attorney

  • Pro-Life

  • Pro-Family

  • Lifelong Republican

  • Conservative Activist


David Farnsworth - Senate

  • Former legislator - Proven Conservative

  • Pro-Life

  • 2nd Amendment Supporter

  • Supports school choice

  • REAL election integrity


Barbara Parker - House

  • TOP PRIORITY - The Economy!

  • Pro-Life

  • Pro-Family

  • Pro-Religious Freedom

  • 100% Pro-Second Amendment

  • Stop government mandates 

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